Daily Check-up

Dogs are lovely companions. A healthy, happy dog is a joy to behold. And as with us illnesses caught early the better. So how do you know whether all is well with your dog.

Well, check these 10 points everyday and you’ll know when the next trip to the dog is warranted.

  • EYES 

Eyes are the windows to the soul or rather an ‘insight’ into the inside of your dog.healthy eye

A healthy dog will have clean eye without any discharge or tears. Tear stains are a clear indication of tearing eyes, not normal.


  • NOSE

Dogs see the world through their noses… Their sense of smell is one  of the


most developed of their senses and far, far superior than ours. What is even more interesting is, that even the shape of their noses further enhances their ability to smell. Goes without saying then, how very important the health of the nose is to a dog.

A clean, moist, discharge free nose is a healthy nose.



  • GUMS

What is one without the other? (lame joke…) Canine teeth are a powerful set, quite able to tear apart anything they set their mind to. Case to point your

furniture, footwear, beds, clothes… whatever caught Fido’s fancy… Jokes apart the health of a dog’s gums and teeth is intricately linked to with the health of number of other systems. A number of health issues can be eliminated if the


dog’s gums & teeth are healthy. Unhealthy gums & teeth may be indicative of diseases far more grave than bad breath!!

Pink gums with no bleeding encasing sparkling white (no discoloration) teeth are healthy.


  • EARS

Have you heard that joke… my dog will sleep through the kids throwing a tantrum, through a party, through the neighbors musical experiments, but pick a packet of chips five rooms away and he’ll be there before your through with opening it!!

health earsHearing the other highly developed sense that a dog has. Dogs can hear noises from four times the distance of an average Joe. Four times!! And of course at far higher and lower frequencies. How to keep them from not losing this amazing ability!!!

Keep their ears clean and healthy. And how does a health ear look, pink without wax, dirt or any smell.


  • SKIN
  • HAIR

healthy skin & coatHave ever run your hand through your dogs coat? Silly question. Of course your have. Is there anything more calming? Of course not. Clean, smooth coat, without any ticks, fleas, pimples or growths! How wonderful it is to run your hand through such a coat.

And did you know that Bella loves you running your hands through her coat just as much or more than you do?



What goes in comes out. Crass but true. Feed your dog good, nutritive, veterinarian recommended food and your dog’s stools and urine should be normal. If they are not you know something is wrong. Normal excreta, healthy dog, plain and simple.

Well formed, yellowish-orange, but not red, brown or black stools are normal. Urine should be clear or light yellow, well flowing and without any blood in it.




happy dogA dog’s behavior is the biggest indication of his good health. A health dog is happy and alert. An unhealthy one likely to be sluggish, snappy or very quite and brooding.


So watch your dog and see what he is trying to tell you. Hear him/her right and you will like avert emergencies from happening.

Happy pet keeping